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How to be a Traveler…NOT a Tourist!

Take Public Transport

Public transport isn’t just the cheapest way of getting around it’s also the slowest way of getting around. Meaning if you really want to sit back and watch the world go round then its the perfect way of doing it! On the other hand, you can grab a motorbike taxi in most Asian cities and get round in half the time! But I guess that’s not for everybody!

Street Food

When your travelling a new country the best way to really immerse yourself into the culture is to eat the way the locals do! Grab yourself a Pad Thai and go sit on the temple wall and watch the world go by or better still if your passing through China then maybe invite yourself out with a local family and they might even take you for a Sichuan Hotpot.

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Learn the Lingo

Trying your hand in the local language is an absolute winner in most countries especially if you mother tongue is English. The locals truly appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to engage in their language. During my time in Thailand, I learnt to speak a fair level of Thai and it really did make all the difference especially when I went a little more rural! Directional phrases were a life saver during my most recent visit to the south.

Get Lost!

Grab yourself a motorbike, turn your phone onto flight mode and see where life takes you! Some of the most incredible places I have explored have been due to me getting completely lost and ending up in the middle of nowhere. I completely understand this can be quite daunting but as long as you remember to travel with a friend and you don’t do anything stupid then you wont have any issues.

Don’t be Afraid to Travel Solo

Travelling solo is probably one of the most fearful adventures that anybody could face. Leaving the security of your surroundings to the hit the road and go exploring. Well, let me tell you, doing things ‘YOUR’ way can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime! You won’t have anyone to answer too and if you want to go down the beach to read a book or say YES to trekking with your new pals then why the hell not!

Mixing with the Locals

Seeing how the locals live and getting involved with local life is going to be one of the most rewarding experiences you can be a part of on the road. Playing a game of footy down the beach in Bali or picking some tea leaves with the locals in Sapa will be a priceless experience that you will cherish for life. I am not suggesting spending a couple of minutes to grab a photo I am saying get your hands dirty and make them feel like you want to help and get involved. You will be surprised what kind of reaction you will receive, you might even get offered over for dinner with the family ūüôā

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Don’t buy Souvenirs

Buying a souvenir from a gift shop is the most touristy thing you can do. What if I suggested to check out the local artist markets and to take a browse through some of the items that are unfamiliar to you. Buying something unique to that area can be a way of carrying the memories with you and will be excess weight worth fighting for! 


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