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Apps For Travelling

We have sadly moved on from postcards and orientation maps since the evolution of smart phones and tablets. With that said, I have put together a list of must have apps for the road and why I think they should be already installed on your device.

You shouldn’t travel without them!

Google Maps

I may be starting off with the obvious… but google maps isn’t just about seeing how long it takes to get from A-B or how to find the closest convenient store. Check out reviews, photos and even contribute yourself with a reward scheme offered by Google of FREE cloud storage and the title of ‘Local Guide’ in your area! Cheers Google!




I swear by this app as my main form of communication when calling oversees from my phone. It’s easy to top up using the App Store payment gateway and also has amazing rates per minute. 




Not only is Instagram the most modern social media platform on the market today it is also 1 of the best tools for planning your next adventure. It allows you to #hashtag search the locations you have found on my destination guides and prioritise your needs if your struggling to fit everything in.




My favourite photo edit app that is commonly known as ‘what Instagram was like before’. Great for photo editing and adding filters to your shots. This will take your photos from ZERO to HERO!



When you’re on the road there is no better satisfaction than plugging your earphones in and choosing your favourite playlist. Compliment this choice with some epic back drops and you are on to a winner.

TIP: Be sure to set your playlists to ‘available offline’, this will stop any disappointment when you leave the hostel wifi and want to listen to some beats on that 16 hour journey.




Another new and modern app that’s upset the likes of, and This genius idea allows you to host complete strangers into your home and visa versa. You might be asking yourself why is this so special? Well you get all of the home comforts but at a fraction of the hotel price. Of course you can still choose to live it up like P Diddy…




We all know what it feels like to lose all your photos because your hard drive has crashed or you have lost your phone on a drunken night out. Remove the worry and backup all your latest photos on Dropbox or Google Drive.



XE Currency

This useful app stores the latest currency exchange rate from when you were last online. Throw in the figure you would like to convert and voila you now have AUS in IRP.



I use iBooks for a multitude of purposes. Storing my lonely planets, saving PDFs that I get through email or sometimes downloading some study material if you have chosen to study while your travel. (iOS only)




The task manager and note taker app that syncs with all devices. I find this great to use when being recommended places to see and things to do. I just open up the Indonesia folder and throw in ‘Dive with Manta Rays in Flores’ and you have your own comprehensive bucket list forming.



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