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Best 4 Apps for Editing Travel Photos

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Photo editing for many years was only really dabbled in by the professionals and rarely touched by the recreational photographer like you and I. Well sinse the introduction of smart phones and affordable editing platforms its become almost compulsory to throw a cheeky little filter over your latest shot or even tone down the details a little.

Over the last few years I have tried many different platforms for editing photos and some have been great and some absolute rubbish for a number of reasons. Below I have detailed the 4 apps that I use for editing photos and why I believe they are the best on the market.

Photoshop – Mac and Windows OS

Photoshop is truly the staple for any photographer. If you speak to a creative individual with a passion for imagery they will without a doubt use Photoshop as a go-to tool for editing images. Don’t get me wrong most of my images across social media haven’t been processed with Photoshop as this process takes a little longer. But almost all of my website shots and of course images that I plan to blow up and throw on the wall back home will be processed through Photoshop. With its ability to edit extensively without degrading the image quality makes its a must have!! You can purchase Photoshop on its own or you can subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud to stay up to date with all new software updates.

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Snapseed – iOS and Android

My absolute Go-To for editing Instagram images! Snapseed has everything you need to turn a semi-ok image into a WINNER! You are able to downgrade some of the highlights, bring out the shadows and even add a little colour to balance the shot if necessary. Snapseed has now updated the software to be able to process RAW images which really does make it an all rounder without compressing the image quality too much. No, it’s not going to be the software I use to blow canvases up on my wall but it’s a great solution for social media and any editing I do on the move!


Lightroom – Mac and Windows OS

Lightroom is another program available from Adobe’s Creative Cloud. It is primarily targeted towards photographers due to its ease of use and ability to archive great content and manage the files simultaneously. Lightroom is a program that I am still making progress with but I can honestly say that with its presets and easy to use interface I can see myself using this a hell of a lot more in the future!

VSCO – iOS or Android

Before I came across Snapseed VSCO was my weapon of course for editing my shots and it really seemed to be a GUN at it. The ability the throw tonnes of filters over your images and go crazy with the different tuning settings made it an absolute winner. But then when I became more and more intrigued by photography I realised that VSCO on export really does compress the image size resulting in a pretty poor image quality when I throw it onto my computer. With this being said if I plan to use the image for something outside of Instagram I will usually pass on VSCO and wait and use Lightroom to throw a filter on and keep the image quality tip top!

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What Photo Editing Apps do you use? Comment below!


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