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8 Things to do in Melbourne

Home is wherever your passport is, and right now it’s firmly grounded in Melbourne. With so much art and culture, it’s genuinely like no other city in Australia. With a public transport system to make Sydney cry with jealousy, you can pretty much get everywhere in the city in no time at all.  So here are my top 8 things to do in Melbourne!

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#1 Street Art

You must have been living under a rock if you hadn’t heard about the sheer creativity and bustle of artistic talent that Melbourne houses. Every street corner is decorated with bright murals and artistic magic. You can take yourself on a walking tour of the Laneways (where Hosier Lane is located) or you can venture up to my neck of the woods and stroll through Fitzroy where the real talent is located. Pretty much every inch of stone wall is brightened up with unique colourings so you can’t get bored!

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#2 Outdoor Cinema

In the warm summer evenings, the Moonlight cinema is open and ready to entertain you under the stars! There’s a bar, plenty of good grub and bean bags! Sit back, relax and grab yourself a tinny!

#3 Queen Victoria Markets

Try to get down to the Night Market on a Wednesday evening. The place comes alive with performers, street food and Sangria! The amazing range of cuisines on offer is enough to make your tuna lunch feel pretty mediocre.

Tip: Tuck into some yummy vegan Indian nachos or a mushroom burger from the food tent. Your taste buds will thank me soon!

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#4 Postal Lane

If you like food as much as I do, then you’ll appreciate a good restaurant in an unlikely location. Situated in the teeny tiny lane next to the mahoosive H&M on Bourke Street, you’ll find Postal Lane. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just follow your nose! The Vietnamese restaurant has fast become my local. There’s a super relaxed vibe and the food is bloody marvellous.

#5 People Watch in Fed Square

I hope it’s not just me that finds great amusement in people watching? People are fascinating creatures, and if there’s one place they flock in their thousands, it’s Federation Square. Grab a coffee and sit in the sun and admire our wonderfully weird species.

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#6 Brighton Beach Huts

Okay, I’ll admit it… I LOVE these huts! They’re just so picture perfect on a sunny day. Whether you’re going to get some new Instagram pics or just to relax on the sand, it’s worth the train ride! Head into Brighton town as well to soak in the upmarket lifestyle. If you’re trying to keep the British beach dream alive then why not head down to Fish Tank for some top notch fish and chips!

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#7 Naked for Satan Rooftop 

Doesn’t matter if you’re a hipster or not, you can still enjoy a good rooftop day drinking sesh. At Naked for Satan, you can look out onto the whole city and revel in the quirkiness. If you happen to be there at sunset, then even better! Watching the sun set directly over the city skyline is pretty magic. If you get that mid-drinking hunger, then fear no more! They do $1 tapas downstairs. We’d probably live there if they let us!

#8 Sunset on St Kilda Beach 

There are very mixed reviews on St Kilda. Granted, it’s not the best beach in the world. Sydney definitely wins when it comes to Beach life! But St Kilda beach is still a nice stretch of sand surrounded by some pretty good restaurants. Head down there at sunset to see the magical sky change colour amongst the palm trees. You may also see the cute little penguins waddle out of the water for the evening… Result!

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So if you were trying to find an excuse to put Melbourne on your plans when visiting Australia then maybe some of my 8 things to do in Melbourne will help! Please let me know what you think below! 😀


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