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5 Tips on Improving your Instagram Feed

When I first started using Instagram I didn’t really appreciate how much of an art form it really was. I digested this new platform as if it was the new Facebook throwing on anything and everything about my life.

I then started to appreciate a good composition and some of the incredible creativity around me and decided that my Instagram Feed deserved only the best content just like my blog. After all its about storing all of your favourite memories in that 1 place so why not make it look like something your proud of.

My Top Tips on Improving your Instagram Feed!

Be Creative

It’s not all about getting photos of you. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and maybe get something that catches the eye of your audience. I recently posted a shot of my DJI Phantom 3 heading off into the sunset over Flores – Indonesia and the feedback I received was amazing.




Stop using the Camera App

The camera app on my iPhone is honestly my last resort and it also should be yours. Shooting with your DSLR, GoPro or even ProCam app should be your weapons of choice when shooting fresh content. Using something a little more built for purpose will allow you to adjust composition, framing and also ensure that you are shooting straight with the grid lines as standard.




Post Quality Content Often

When snapping content for Instagram its important to remember that not every shot you take needs to end up on your Instagram feed, that said its really important to keep your views engaged so posting often is important. I will often take a whole bunch of photos from my day and work it down to 1 or 2 that I really love. I will then do a little postproduction on them and then upload only the best shot of that day!


Aim to post once a day!

The Power of the Selfie Stick

We all look at the selfie stick and cringe a little at needing to use it. Don’t be put off by its shameful reputation; some of the best photos on Instagram have been taken with a selfie stick. I will often use it as a monopod with my GoPro and Sony RX100 with either the Bluetooth options or self-timer.




Practice, Practice and more Practice!

Just like anything, shooting great photos takes plenty of practice. Try new perspectives and different angles. Make your shots stand out from the rest. Keep working on it and eventually you will have an Instagram feed that you can be proud of.




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